2011.07.09 p2 (173) Bugleweed Ajugar septans 'Mahogany'

Ajuga septans 'Mahogany'

General InformationEdit

Family: Lamiaceae

Origin: Europe and Asia

Cultivated VarietiesEdit

A. genevensis (Blue Bungleweed)

A. pyramidalis (Pyramidal Bungleweed)

'Metallica Crispa' green to bronze [Gorge Top 2012]

A. septans (Carpet Bugleweed)

'Blueberry Muffin' [Monrovia]
'Bronze Beauty' [Monrovia] [Bluestone]
'Burgundy Glow' [Monrovia] [Jung] [Bluestone] [American Meadows] [Forest Farm] [Gorge Top 2012]
'Black Scallop' dark green to red [Gurney's] [Bluestone] [American Meadows] [Greenwood 2012]
'Chocolate Chip' [Monrovia] [Bluestone] [Forest Farm 2011] [Gorge Top 2012]
Catlin's Giant' [Monrovia]
'Dixie Chip' light green to white to pink [White Flower] [Gurney's] [Forest Farm 2011] [Greenwood 2012]
'Mahogany' dark green to red, Z4-9 [Greenwood 2012]
'Party Colors' [American Meadows]
'Pink Elf'
'Toffee Chip' [Monrovia]
generic blue [Swallowtail] [Pase] [Rich]

Seed Sources:Edit

American Meadows:

Forest Farm:

Gorge Top Gardens:


Pase Seeds:,-perennial-seed,-perennial/Detail

Rich Farm and Garden:

Swallowtail Seeds:

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