Cultivated VarietiesEdit

'Aichi' early-season, 70 days
2010.09.02 hereford.rivanna (26)

'Alcosa' mid-season, 72 days

'All Seasons' late-season, 85-95 days


'April Wonder' hybrid

'Arena' F1 late-season, 100 days

'Arrowhead II' hybrid early-season, 66 days

'Artost' hybrid early/mid-season, 55 days

'Atlantis' mid-season, 72 days

'Balbro' hybrid early-season, 60 days

'Bartolo' hybrid late-season, 115 days

'Bayou Dynasty' hybrid early-season, 70 days

'Beira Tronchuda Cabbage' hybrid

'Beka Santoh' early-season, 25 days

'Bekamaru' japanese

'Best of Show' open-pollinated late-season, 120 days

'Bilko' hybrid

'Blue Dynasty' BR/F mid-season, 75 days

'Blue Lagoon' F1, early/mid-season, 68-75 days

'Blue Pak' hybrid mid/late-season, 75-85 days

'Blue Thunder' F1 late-season, 85 days

'Blue Vantage' BR/BS/F mid-season, 76 days

'Blues' F1 early-season, 57 days

'Bravo' late-season, 85 days

'Brunswikc' late-season

'Buscaro' F1 early-season, 64-68 days

'Cairo' hybrid late-season, 90 days

'Caraflex' hybrid early-season, 68 days

'Cardinal' hybrid mid-season, 80 days

'Charmant' hybrid early-season, 65 days

'Cheer's ' mid-season, 80 days

'Chieftan' heirloom 85 days

'China Choy' 70 days

'China Pride' hybrid early-season, 68 days

'Chinese Express' hybrid late-season, 95 days

'Chirimen Hakusai' early-season, 50 days

'Chorus' hybrid early-season, 65 days

'Columbai' early-season, 67 days

'Constellation' hybrid mid/late-season, 120 days

'Copenhagen Market Early' open-pollinated early-season, 62-100 days

'Cour di Bue' early-season

'Cuor di Bue Grosso' early/mid-season 65,75 days

'Danish Ballhead' late-season, 90 days

'Deadon' late-season, 105 days

'Derby Day' heirloom early-season, 60 days

'Des Vertus' open-pollinated late-season, 95 days

'Discovery' hybrid mid-season, 75 days

'Dynamo' hybrid early-seaosn, 60-75 days

'Earliana' early-season, 60 days

'Early Flat Dutch' heirloom late-season, 85 days

'Early Jersey Wakefield' early-season, 63 days

'Early Thunder' mid-season, 72 days

'Famosa' early-season, 68 days

'Farao' F1 early-season, 64 days

'Fast Ball' early-season, 45 days

'Fong San Improved'

'Frilled' 30 days

'Fun Jen' early-season, 35-45 days

'Glory of Enkhuizen' mid/late-season, 75-100 days

'Golden Acre' heirloom early-season, 55-65 days

'Gonzales' hybrid, early-season, 55-66 days

'Grand Prize' mid-season, 76 days

'Green Rocket' hybrid early-season, 70 days

'Green Seoul' early-season, 70 days

'Greenwich' hybrid BR/BS 50-69 days

'Gregorian' hybrid early-season, 59 days

'Greyhound' early-season, 64-73 days

'Gunma' hybrid mid-season, 85 days

'Headstart' hybrid F 65 days

'Henderson's Charleston Wakefield' early-season

'Hermes' hybrid 62 days

'Hiroshimana' 30-70 days

'Huron' hybrid late-season, 115 days

'Hwa King' hybrid

'Integro' hybrid mid/late-season, 85 days

'Invento' hybrid early-season, 68 days

'Jade Pagoda' F1 early/mid-season, 68-72 days

'January King' late-season, 100-120 days

'Kaboko' hybrid early-season, 60 days

'Kaisin Hakusai' early-season, 70 days

'Kaitlin' hybrid mid/late-season, 94 days

'Kalibos' heirloom eastern european

'Kilosa' hybrid mid-season, 72 days

'King Slaw' hybrid late-season, 105 days

'Kingdom 80' hybrid 80 days


'Krautman' hybrid mid-season, 73 days

Kyoto No. 3' mid-season, 80 days

'Late Flat Dutch' late-season, 110 days

'Lennox' hybrid 105 days

'Lettucy Type' hybrid early-season, 45 days

'Li-Sun' hybrid

'Little Rock' hybrid mid-season, 78 days

'Loughton' hybrid late-season, 115 days

'Lucky No. 4' hybrid

'Lucky Star' hybrid 55-60 days

'Lynx' hybrid early-season, 69 days

'Mammoth Red Rock' late-season, 110 days

'Market Pride' early-season, 70 days

'Marner Lagerrot' mid-season, 75 days

'Matsushima No. 2' mid-season, 80 days

'Megaton' hybrid mid-season, 78 days

'Melissa Savory' late-season, 85 days

'Michihili' 70 days

'Michihli' open-pollinated mid-season, 78 days

'Mini Kisaku 50' early-season, 50 days

'Minicole' hybrid early-season, 60-65 days

'Minuet' hybrid BR/BP/DM 48 days

'Missouri' hybrid late-season, 120 days

'Monument' hybrid mid-season, 80 days

'Multikeeper' late-seaosn, 86 days

'Nabana' 40 days

'Nanjin' 30 days

'Nazaki Early' open-pollinated early-season, 60 days

'Nikko' hybrid early-season, 50-55 days

'O. S. Cross' late-season, 82 days

'One Kilo Chinese' 50-55 days

'Optiko' mid-season, 75 days

'Orient Express' very-early season, 43 days

'Orient Legend' hybrid

'Parel' hybrid very early-season, 43 days

'Perfection Drumhead Savoy' heirloom

'Platinum Dynasty' mid-season, 75 days

'Point One' hybrid early-season, 48 days

'Premium' late-season

'Flat Dutch' heirloom late-season, 100-110 days

'Primavoy' hybrid late-season, 98 days

'Primax' 60 days Primero' mid-season, 72 days

'Primo' early-season, 52-65 days

'Princeton' hybrid late-season, 110 days

'Qingdao 65' hybrid 65 days

'Quick Start' hybrid early-season, 55 days

'Quisor' hybrid mid/late-season, 90 days

'Quisto' BR/tip burn/yellows late-season, 88 days

'Reaction' hybrid mid/late-season, 110 days

'Red Acre' heirloom mid-season, 76 days

'Red Danish' heirloom late-season, 95 days

'Red Drumhead' late-season, 90-100 days

'Red dynasty' hybrid mid-season, 76 days

'Red Express' open-pollinated early-season, 53 days

'Red Jewel' hybrid mid-season, 77 days

'Regal Red' hybrid mid-season, 78 days

'Rio Verde' hybrid mid-season, 80-85 days

'Rodynda' late-season, 95-100 days

'Rona Red' late-season, 98 days

'Round Leaf' 21-28 days

'Royale' hybrid mid-season, 75 days

'Rubicon' F1 early-season, 52 days

'Ruby Ball' mid-seson, 78 days

'Ruby Dynasty' hybrid mid-season, 76 days

'Ruby Perfection' F1 mid-season, 75-85 days

'Safekeeper' hybrid late-season, 75-85 days

'Salad Delight' very early-season, 50 days

'Samantha' late-season, 85 days

'San Michelle' see 'Verza di Verona'

'Savoy Ace' hybrid midseason, 74 days

'Savoy Blue' hybrid mid-season, 80 days

'Savoy Express' hybrid very early-season, 55 days

'Savoy King' mid-season, 80 days

'Shantung 4S'

'Shirona' early-season, 30 days

'Shuka' early-season, 55 day

'Sombrero' hybrid early-season, 68 days

'Spice'n Easy' early-season

'Spring Delight' hybrid early-season

'Spring Dynasty' hybrid early-season, 62 days

'Stein's Late Flat Dutch' late-season, 95 days

'Storage No. 4' hybrid late-season, 95 days

'Super' hybrid

'Super Red 80' mid-season, 73-80 days

'Surprise' hybrid early-season, 58 days

'Survivor' hybrid late-season, 85 days

'Sweet Surprise' late-season, 90 days

'T-652 (Jazz) hybrid

'Taler' hybrid late-season, 85 days

'Tenderheart' hybrid 50 days

'Tendersweet' hybrid mid-season, 71 days

'Tobia' hybird early-season, 80-87 days

'Tokyo Bekana' japanese 21 days

'Tropic Pioneer' hybrid

'Tropic Queen' hybrid 55 days

'Tropic Star' hybrid 60 days

'Two Seasons' hybrid early-season, 62 days

'Vantage Point' late-season, 85 days

'Vertus' mid-season, 80 days

'Verza di Verona' mid/late-season, 80-90 days

'Verza Montovano' mid-season, 80 days

'Verza Pasqualino' early/mid-season, 70-80 days

'Vitamminna' early-season, 45 days

'Wadenswiler Sauerkraut' late-season, 85-90 days

'Wakamine' mid-season, 70 days

'Winner' hybrid early-season, 58 days

'Winningstadt' heirloom mid/late-season, 80-90 days

'Winterfurst' late-season, 110 days

'Wirosa' hybrid late-season, 115 days

'Wong Bok'

''WR-70 'Days' early-season, 70 days

'Yellow King' hybrid 65-70 days

'Yuki' hybrid 70 days

'Zennith' hybrid early-season, 60 days

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