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General InformationEdit

C. annuum contains many cultivated varieties of pepper, including, Bell, Cayene, Paprika, and Jalepeno Peppers.

Family: Solanaceae

Origin: North and South America

Cultivated VarietiesEdit

Entry format:

'Variety' disease- resistance fruit color, heat, days to green/days to color [Source Company]


'Black Hungarian' black/red, 70-80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Black Pearl' black/red, 85/140 days [Johnny 2011]
'Bolivian Rainbow' purple/orange/red, 80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Explosive Ember' bright purple/orange/red, 90 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Golden Nugget' orange [Trade Winds 2011]
'Long Purple' purple/red [Trade Winds 2011]
'Prairie Fire' yellow/red, 50/75 days [Johnny 2011]
'Pretty in Purple' purple/red, 60/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'Purira' yellow/purple/orange/red, 65-75 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Purple Flash' black/red, 85/140 days [Johnny 2011]
'Sweet Pickle' yellow/purple/orange, 75 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Tabasco' yellow/orange/red [Trade Winds 2011]
'Tricolor Variegata' purple/red, very hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Twilight' purple/orange [Trade Winds 2011]

Ampuis Pepper organic red, 95 days [Oak Tree] [Trade Winds 2011]


general green/red, 70/90 days [Trade Winds 2011] [Oak Tree 2011]
'Joe E Parker' red, mild, 70/95 days [Johnny 2011]
'Sahuaro F1' yellow, mild, 70/90 days [Johnny 2011]


'101' green/red [Trade Winds 2011]
'Ancho 221 F1' green/red, mild, 68/88 days [Johnny 2011]
'Bulgarian Carrot Pepper' 'green/orange, hot, 70-80 da'ys [Trade Winds 2011]
'Chile' green/red, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Chipotle' green/red, medium [Trade Winds 2011]
'Cow Horn' green/red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'San Luis' green/red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Tiburon F1' green/red, sweet, 65/85 days [Johnny 2011]


'Caloro' yellow/red, mild, 80 days [Trade Winds 2011]


'Ace F1' green/red, 50/70 days [Johnny 2011]
'Bianca F1' TMV green/yellow, 65/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'California Wonder' green/red, 75 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Gourmet F1' green/orange, 65/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'Flavorburst F1' green/yellow, 67/97 days [Johnny 2011]
'X3R Red Knight F1' PVY TMV BLS 1-3 green/red, 57/77 days [Johnny 2011]
'Mini Apple F1' green/red, 60/80 days [Johnny 2011]
'Orion F1' BLS green/red, 65/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'Islander F1' lavender/red, 56-81 [Johnny 2011]
'King Arthur F1' PVY BLS 1, 2 green/red, 59/79 [Johnny 2011]
'Snapper F1' PMV TMV TEV BLS 1-3 green/orange, 62/82 [Johnny 2011]
'Sweet Chocolate' organic green/brown, 58/78 days [Johnny 2011]
'Yankee Bell' green/red, 60/80 [Johnny 2011]
'Yankee Bell' organic green/red, 60/80 [Johnny 2011]
see Sweet Peppers

Cascabel green/dark red, sweet [Trade Winds 2011]


general green/red, hot, 70 days [Trade Winds 2011]
rainbow mix yellow, red, purple, hot, 60-70 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Andy F1' green/red, mild, 60/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'Cheyenne F1' green/red, hot, 65/85 [Johnny 2011]
'Elephant's Trunk' light green/red, medium [Trade Winds 2011]
'Espanhola' green/red, medium, 80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Goat Horn' green/red, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Hot Portugal' red, hot, 65-75 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Joe's Long' green/red, mild, 60/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'Joe's Long' organic green/red, milk, 60/85 days [Johnny 2011]
Laotian Pepper red, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Large Red Thick' very hot, 75 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Punjab Small' green/red, hot, 70-80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Red Rocket' organic red, hot, 65/85 days [Johnny 2011]
'Ring of Fire' very hot, 60 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Busillis F1' green/red, hot, 60/90 days [Johnny 2011]


general red, medium [Trade Winds 2011]
'Ciliegia Picante' see 'Satan's Kiss'
'Peppino F1' green/red, hot, 59/84 days [Johnny 2011]
'Ladybug F1' green/red, 65/90 days [Johnny 2011]
'Satan's Kiss' heirloom green/red, hot, 85 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Tepin' red, extremely hot [Trade Winds 2011]

Chi-Chien Pepper green/red, very hot, 70-80 days



'De Arbol' red [Trade Winds 2011]
'De Rata' red [Trade Winds 2011]


Corno di toro

'Italia' green/red, 55/75 days [Johnny 2011]


'Costeno Amarillo' orange [Trade Winds 2011]


yellow-green, sweet, 70-75 days [Trade Winds 2011]

Fresno Guajillo black, mild [Trade Winds 2011]


general green/red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Conchos F1' green/red, mild, 65/90 days [Johnny 2011]
'Early Jalapeno' organic green/red, mild, 60/60 days [Johnny 2011] [Trade Winds 2011]
'El Jefe F1' green/red, mild, 67/90 days [Johnny 2011]
'Jalafuego F1' green/red, mild, 70/93 [Johnny 2011]
'Jaloro' green/yellow [Trade Winds 2011]
'M' green/red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Purple' green/purple, mild [Trade Winds 2011]


Indian orange/red, very hot [Trade Winds 2011]


Mulato yellow/black, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
Mulato Isleno green/brown, hot, 85-95 days [Trade Winds 2011]

Mushroom bright red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]

Mushroom yellow, mild [Trade Winds 2011]

New Mexico

'Joe E. Parker' green/red, mild, 80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Big Jim' red, hot, 80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Sandia' green/red, mild, 90-100 [Trade Winds 2011]

'Padron' green, mild, 60 days [Johnny 2011]


general red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Golden Greek' yellow, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Italian' mild [Trade Winds 2011]


'Beaver Dam' green/red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Boldog Hungarian Spice' organic green/red, mild, 55/80 days [Johnny 2011]
'Feher Ozon' pale yellow/red, sweet, 80-85 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Hot Apple' pale yellow, medium [Trade Winds 2011]
'Hungarian Hot Wax' green/red, hot, 58/83 days [Johnny 2011]
'Hungarian Hot Wax' organic green/red, hot, 58/83 days [Johnny 2011]
'Krimzon Lee F1' green/red, mild, 62/82 days [Johnny 2011]

Pasilla Bajio dark green/dark brown, mild [Trade Winds 2011]


'Numex Twilight' purple/red, ornamental, 65/85 days [Johnny 2011]

Ristra see Cayenne

'Sangria' hybrid purple/red, ornamental, 85/120 days [Johnny 2011]


'Serrano del Sol F1' PMV PVY TEV red, hot, 55/75 days [Johnny 2011]
'Hidalgo' medium [Trade Winds 2011]
'Huasteco' green/red, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Tampequino' green/red, hot, 75 days [Trade Winds 2011]


'Mellow Star F1' green/red, 60/80 days [Johnny 2011]


'Thai Dragon' orange/red, very hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Thai Hot' orange orange, very hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Thai Hot' red red, veyr hot [Trade Winds 2011]

other unsorted Sweet Peppers

'Antohi Romanian' yellow/red, 53/78 [Johnny 2011]
'Antohi Romanian' organic yellow/red, 53/78 [Johnny 2011]
'Apple' organic green/red, 57/77 days [Johnny 2011]
'Biscayne F1' green/red, 60/80 days [Johnny 2011]
'Carmen F1' green/red, 60/80 days [Johnny 2011]
'Jimmy Nardello' green/red, 80-90 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Lipstick' green/red, 75 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Lipstick' organic green/red, 53/73 days [Johnny 2011]
'Pimiento' red, sweet [Trade Winds 2011]
'Pimiento L' TMV sweet [Trade Winds 2011]
'Round of Hungary' green/red, 55/75 days [Johnny 2011]
'Sheepnose' green/red, 70-80 days [Trade Winds 2011]
Sweet Bells see Bells

other unsorted Hot Peppers

'Beaver Dam' green/red, mild [Oak Tree 2011]
'Kung Pao' hybrid green/red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Mayan Love' green/red, extremely hot [Trade Winds 2011]
Peter Pepper yellow, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Petit Marseillais' heirloom yellow/orange, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Pizza' green, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
Puya black, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Rooster Spur' red, hot [Trade Winds 2011]
'Santa Fe Grande' green/red, medium, 75-100 days [Trade Winds 2011]
'Sucette de Provence' heirloom red, mild [Trade Winds 2011]
'Tunisian Baklouti' green/red, hot [Trade Winds 2011]

Capsicum annum var. glabriusculum

'McMahon's Texas Bird' red, very hot [Trade Winds 2011]

Seed Sources: Johnny's Selected Seeds:

Trade Winds Fruit:

Disease Resistance Abbreviations:

BLS Bacterial Leaf Spot

PMV Pepper Mosaic Virus

PVY Potato Virus Y

TEV Tobacco Etch Virus

TMV Tobacco Mosaic Virus

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