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Creeping vine and bush fruiting plants

Cultivated VarietiesEdit


'Variety' disease resistence, fruit type, maturation

'A&C Pickling' heirloom, pickling, 50-55 days

'Adam' F1 CMV DM PM, 56-60 days

'Alibi' DM PM S CMV pickling, 49 days

'Amira' CM DM PM burpless slicing, 52-56 days

'Amour' CMV DM PM S, 47 days

'Armenian' open-pollinated slicing, 50-70 days

'Armstrong Early Cluster' pickling, 50 days

'Ashley' DM slicing, 65 days

'Asian Nectar' hybrid, slicing and pickling, 56 days

'Athens' slicing, 75 days

'Babylon' hybrid, slicing, 63 days

'Bedfordshite Prize' english, slicing, 65 days

'Beit Alpha' 60 days

'Bianco Primaticcio' pickler or slicer

'Big Burpless' hybrid, burpless slicing, 55 days

'Birgit' hybird, burpless slicing, 63 days

'Black Diamond' heirloom, slicing

'Boothby's Blonde' open-pollinated, slicing, 63 days

'Boston Pickling' heirloom, pickling, 50 days

'Boston Pickling Improved' MV CS heirloom pickling, 52 days

'Brocade' heirloom, 60 days

'Burpless' hybrid CMV DM PM S burpless slicing/pickling, 62 days

'Burpee Hybrid II' hybrid, slicing, 55 days

'Burpee Pickler' CMV, pickling, 53 days

'Burpee's Sunnybrook Early' slicing, 60 days

'Burples Beauty' burpless slicing, 62 days

'Burpless 26' hybrid DM PM, burpless slicing, 60 days

'Burpless' hbyrid, burpless slicing, 60 days

'Bush Champion' slicing bush, 55 days

'Bush Champion' M slicing, 60-80 days

'Bush Crop' slicing, 55 days

'Bush Slicer' hybird S PM CMV, burpless bush slicing, 55 days

'Bushy' russian, 46-49 days

'Bush Whopper' slicing, 55 days

'Calypso' hybrid STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV, pickling, 50-53 days

'Carmen' F1 DM PM 50-60 days

'Carolina' F1 A#1 ALS S DM PM CMV, 50 days

'Celebrity' hybrid, slicing, 56 days

'Chelsea Prize' english, slicing, 60 days

'Chicago' heirloom, pickling, 55 days

'Chinese Yellow' heirloom asian

'Clinton' STM/A#1,2 DM PM S CMV open-pollinated, pickling, 55 days

'Cobra' ALS/A#1,2 PM S CMV PRV WMV ZYMV slicing, 60 days

'Cool Breeze' hybrid french PM S CMV burpless pickling, 45-49 days

'Corona' slicing County Fair' hybrid, slicing and pickling, 52 days

'County Fair 83' hybrid AN DM M PM pickling, 48-53 days

'Crisp Winner' hybrid chinese, slicing and pickling

'Cross Country' hybrid STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV semi-bush pickling

'Dasher II' hybrid slicing, 55-60 days

'Daytona' ALS A#1,2 DM PM S CMV PRV WMV ZYMV, slicing, 67 days

'de Bourbonne' see 'Parisian Pickler'

'Delikatesse' heriloom german, pickling, 60 days

'Diamant' DM PM S CMV hybrid, pickler, 47 days

'Diva' DM PM S burpless slicing, 55- 58 days

'Double Feature' hybrid, pickling and slicing, 50-57 days

'Double Yield' heirloom, pilckling, 50-60 days

'Early Fortune' heirloom, slicing, 50-60 days

'Early Green Cluster' heirloom, pickling, 58 days

'Early Pride' PM CMV hybrid, slicing, 55 days

'Early Russian' heirloom russian, 50 days

'Early Triumph' hybrid, slicing, 60 days

'Edmonson' heirloom, pickling or slicing, 70 days

'Ellen's Family White' heirloom, pickling

'Endeavor' CMV DM hybird

'English Telegraph' slicing

'Eureka' STM A#1,2 DM S CMV PRV WMV ZYMV, pickling bush, 56 days

'Everbearing' 65-75 days

'Fancipak M' STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV hybrid pickling, 53 days

'Fanfare' hybrid slicing, 63 days

'Fordhook White Spine' see 'Improved White Spine'

'Futura' B Myco 50-60 days

'Garden Oasis' burpless slicing

'Garden Sweet' burpless slicing, 55 days

'General Lee' hybrid DM PM S CMV slicing, 55 days

'Genuine' DM PM hybrid slicing, 48 days

'Glacier' hybrid mediterranean, 56 days

'Greek' slicing, 60 days

'Green Finger' PM PRV WMV ZYMV open-pollinated 60 days

'Green Fingers' PM hybrid

'Green Knight' burpless slicing, 60 days

'Green Slam' DM PM CMV hybrid 55 days

'Greensleeves' A#1,2 PM S CMV hybrid slicing, 53 days

'Half-Long of Puglia' italian

'Heirloom Duo' 60 days

'Hmong Red' heirloom asian

'Holland' hybrid slicing, 60-65 days

'Homemade Pickles' pickling, 54 days

'Improved Bourbonne' see 'Parisian Pickler'

'Improved Telegraph' open-pollinated slicing, 60 days

'Improved White Spine' heirloom slicing, 60-67 days

'Indio' A#1,2 DM PM S TLS slicing, 61 days

'Indy' hybrid ALS A#1,2 DM PM S CMV PRV WMV ZYMV slicing, 59 days

'Ivory Queen' pickling or slicing 65 days

'Jackson Classic' STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV hybrid pickling bush, 52 days

'Jamaican' gherkin, 65 days

'Japanese Climbing' slicing or picling, 58-65 days

'Japanese Long' heirloom asian, 68 days

'Jelly Melon' 120 days

'Kyoto 3 Feet' japanese, slicing, 60 days

'Lafayette' A#1,2 DM PM S CMV hybrid pickling, 52 days

'Langelang Giant' heirloom 70 days

'Lemon' open-pollinated slicing or pickling, 65-68 days

'Little Leaf' STM BW DM PM S CMV pickling or slicing, 57-62 days

'Long Green Improved' heirloom slicing, 65 days

'Longfellow' slicing 62-80 days

'Lucky Strick' hybrid pickling, 54 days

'Lungo Verde Ortolani' italian, slicer

'Marketmore 70' S CMV WS slicing, 60-72 days

'Marketmore 76' ALS AN CMV DM slicing, 58 days

'Marketmore 80' ALS AN CMV DM PM slicing, 61-68 days

'Marketmore 97' open-pollinated burpless slicing, 55 days

'Metki Painted Serpent' armenian, slicing

'Metki White Serpent' armenian, slicing

'Mexican Sour Gherkin' 60-70 days

'Mideast Prolific' pickling and slicing, 70-85 days

'Miniature White' pickling, 58 days

'Model TH' hybrid asian, pickling

'Monastic' pickling and slicing, 65 days

'Moringa' pickling, 40-50 days

'Mucnher' heirloom burpless slicing, 59-85 days

'Naomi' LS C PM

'National' open-pollinated CMV S pickling, 55 days

'National Pickling' hybrid M S pickling, 53 days

'Natsuhikari' hybrid japanese, slicing

'Niagra' 'Ninja' hybrid asian, slicing

'North Carolina' heirloom pickling, 60 days

'Northern Pickler' see 'Northern Pickling'

'Northern Pickling' S pickling, 48 days

'Olympian' hybrid ALS A A#1,2 PM S CMV slicing, 52 days

'Orient Express' hybrid A#1,2 DM PM S CMV WMV#2 asian, burpless pickling, 64 days

Painted Serpent' pickling, 65 days

'Painted Serpent' see 'Striped Armenian'

'Palace King' hybrid PM chinese sooyow slicing, 60 days

'Panther' ALS A#1,2 DM PM S CMV slicing, 58 days

'Parade' russian, 50-60 days

'Parisian Pickler' french, picking, 50-80 days

'Patio Pickle' hybrid STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV pickling or slicing, 49-59 days

'Pearl' DM 57-65 days

'Pepinex' hybrid 60-70 days

'Piccolo di Parigi' italian

'Pickalot' hybrid pickling, 54 days

'Pickle Bush' CMV PM pickling, 52 days

'Pickler One' asian, pickling

'Pioneer' hybrid STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV pickling and slicing, 51-53 days

'Poinsett 76' open-pollinated slicing, 67 days

'Poona Kheera' heirloom india

"Pot Luck' CMV S bush/slicing, 50-58 days

'Progress' hybrid japanese, slicing and pickling

'Raider' ALS CMV S slicing, 50-52 days

'Regal' hybrid ALS S CMV pickling, 48-52 days

'Rhinish Pickle' heirloom german, pickling, 52-55 days

'Richmond Green Apple' heirloom australian

'Rocky' PM hybrid 46 days

'Royal' ALS A S CM hybrid pickling, 52 days

'Salad Bush' hybrid CMV DM PM S slicing, 57 days

'Saladin' hybrid DM CMV PM pickling, 55 days

'Salt and Pepper' ALS PM hybrid pickling, 39-49 days

'Salty' hybrid pickling, 53 days

'Satsuki Madori' asian slicing, 60-70 days

'Shantung Suhyo Cross' see 'Suhyo Cross'

'Siamese Bitter'

'Sikkim' heirloom himilayan

'Silver Green' hybrid korean, slicing and pickling

'Slice Master' hybrid ALS AN DM M PM S slicing, 48-55 days

'Smart Pickle' pickling, 55 days

'SMR 58' PM/S/TLS open-pollinated 60 days

'Snow's Fancy Pickling' heirloom pickling, 50-60 days

'Soarer' hybrid japanese, burpless slicing

'Socrates' PM S 52 days

'Sooyow Nishiki' asian, 60 days

'Southern Delight' hybrid japanese, slicing

'Spacemaster' M S slicing, 58 days

'Spear-it' CM PM DM ALS A S 52 days

'Speedway' ALS Alt A#1,2 DM PM S Stem CMV slicing, 54 days

'Stallion White'

'Stonewall' ALS A#1,2 DM PM CMV slicing, 53 days

'Straight Eight' EMV slicing, 58 days

'Strait 9' DM PM slicing, 58 days

'Streamliner' hybrid slicing, 60 days

'Sugar Crunch' hybrid 57 days

'Suhyo' asian, slicing, 65 days

'Suhyo Cross' hybid chinese sooyow slicing, 60 days

'Sultan' PM CMV PRV WMV ZYMV 55-60 days

'Summer Dance' PM DM hybrid japanese, slicing, 70 days

'Summer Delight' hybrid korean, slicing and pickling

'Summer Express' hybrid korean, slicing and pickling

'Sumter' DM PM A ALS S CMV WMV pickling, 50 days

'Super Bush Slicer' slicing bush

'Super Zagross' open-pollinated 54 days

'Supersett' hybrid CMV A ALS S PM slicing, 60 days

'Sweet Armenian' heirloom armenian, 60 days

'Sweet Burpless' hybrid burpless slicing, 55 days

'Sweet Marketmore' slicing, 65 days

'Sweet Slice' AN CMV DM S PM burpless slicing, 55-62 days

'Sweet Slice' hybrid ALS A#1,2 DM PM S WMV#2 burpless slicing, 62-65 days

'Sweet Success' AN ALS CMV DM PM S slicing, 55-58 days

'Sweeter Yet' hybrid burpless slicing, 45-50 days

'Syo Lon'g hybrid PM burpless slicing, 51 days

'Syo Long' see 'Suhyo'

'Tasty Bright' japanese, pickling, 60 days

'Tasty Green' hybrid DM PM japanese burpless slicing and picklingn, 57-62 days

'Tasty Jade' DM PM asian burpless slicing, 54 days

'Tasty King' hybrid japanese, 60-70 days

'Tasty Queen' hybrid japanese

'Tendergreen Burpless' heirloom DM PM burpless slicing, 55-65 days

'Thai Gren' heirloom thai

'Thunder' ALS A#1,2 DM PM S CMV slicing, 55 days

'Tokiwa' japanese, slicing

'Tondo Liscia Manduria' italian

'Tortarello Abruozzese' italian, 65-70 days

'Transamerica' hybrid A ALS CMV S PM DM pickling, 50-72 days

'True Lemon' heirloom R pickling and slicing, 50-70 days

'Tsuyataro' hybrid japanese, 57 days

'Turbo' ALS A#1,2 DM PM S Stem CMV slicing, 65 days

'Tyria' hybrid PM S TLS dutch, 56 days

'Ukrainian' eastern european, 60 days

'Ultra Pak' ALS A#1,2 DM PM S CMV hybrid slicing, 58 days

'Uzbekski' pickling and slicing, 50 days

'Uzbkski' heirloom uzbekistan

'Viridis' hybrid italian, slicer

'Wautoma' open-pollinated STM A#1,2 DM PM S CMV burpless pickling

'West Indian Gherkin' heirloom pickling, 65 days

'White Star' hybrid DM asian, slicing

'White Sun' hybird korean, slicing and pickling

'White Wonder' heirloom slicing or pickling, 35-60 days

'Wisconsin' BS S CMV pickling, 65 days

'Yamato' asian slicing, 60 days

'Yard Long Armenian' see 'Armenian'

'Yellow Subamrie' slicing, 60 days

'Zapata' STM S#1,2 DM PM S CMV PRV WMV ZYMV hybrid pickling, 56 days

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Disease Resistance Abbreviations:

ALS Angular Leaf Spot

AN Anthracnose

B botrytis

C Cladosporium

CMV Cucumber Mosaic Virus

DM Downy mildew

M Mosaic Virus

Myco Mycosphaerella

PM Powdery Mildew

PRV Papaya Ringspot Virus

S Scab

Stem Stemphylium

WMV Watermelon Mosaic Virus

ZYMV Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus

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