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General Info[]

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Native to: Europe, North Asian, Japan, North America

Uses: ornamental garden flower



'A.A. Sanders'


'Ada Florence'

'Adam James' pale pink

'Admiral Crompton' light pink/dark pink edge, double-flowered, 4"h

'Admiral Lord Anson'


'Afton Water'

'Agatha' pink/dark pink, 10"h, evergreen, zones 3-8 [Joycreek 2011]

'Alan Hardy'

'Alan Titchmarsh' [Spring Reach 2011]


'Albert Portman'

'Albus' [Amazon 2011] [Beth Chatto 2011]

'Aldrige Yellow'


'Alfred Galbally'


'Alice' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Alice Forbes'

'Alice Lever'


'Allen's Ballerina'

'Allen's Huntsman'

'Allen Maria'

'Alloway Star'


'Allspice Sport'

'Allwood's Crimson'





'Anders Cream Princess'

'Anders Sundance'


'Andrew Morton'



'Anne Franklin'

'Anne Jones'

'Annette' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Annie Claybourne'

'Ann Unitt'''


'Apple Slice' PPAF pink/red, perennial, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]


'Aqua' white [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Apricot Chace'

'Apricot Sue'


'Arctic Star'



'Arizona' see 'Hifutura'


'Arnhem Spirit'


'Arthur Leslie'



'Audrey Robinson'

'Audrey's Frilly'


'Autumn Tints'


'Avon Dassett'

'Baby Treasure'

Badenia' [Beth Chatto 2011]

'Bailey's Anniversary'

'Bailey's Apricot'

'Bailey's Celebration' pink/light pink [Cottage 2011]

'Bailey's Daily Mail'

'Bailey's Festival'

'Bailey's Starlight'

'Bailey's Yellow Delight'



'Barbara Evelyn'

'Barleyfield Rose'


'Bat's Double Red' pink, 15", zones 5-8 [Siskiyou 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Bath's Pink' light pink, 6" h, perennial [Nature Hills 2011]



'Becka Falls'


'Becky Robinson' pink/dark pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Bedfordshire Belle'



'Berlin Snow'

'Berry Burst'

'Bet Gilroy'

'Betty Buckle'

'Betty Day'

'Betty Dee'

'Betty Miller'

'Betty Morton' light pink/dark pink [Sunnyborder 2011] 'Betty Tucker'

'Betty's Choice'

'Betty's Delight'

'Bibby's Cerise'

'Bill Smith'

'Billy Boole' pink/white striped [Newport Mills 2011] 'Binsey Red'

'Blue Carpet'

'Blue Hedgehog'

'Blue Hills' light pink [Sunnyborder 2011] [Siskiyou 2011]

'Blue Ice'

'Bob's Highlight'

'Bobby Ames'



'Bookham Fancy'

'Bookham Grand'

'Bookham Heroine'

'Bookham Lad'

'Bookham Lass'

'Bookham Perfume'

'Bookham Sprite'

'Border Special'

'Bourbon' pink, 3", zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011] 'Bovey Belle'




'Bressingham Pink'

'Brian Tumbler'

'Briana' white [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Bridal Veil'

'Brigadier' [Nature Hills 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011]


'Brilliant Gipsy' see 'Stagispan'

'Brilliant Star'


'Bruce Parker'


'Brympton Red' dark pink [Beth Chatto 2011] 'Bryony Lisa'

'Buckfast Abbey'

'Caesar's Mantle'


'Calypso Star'



'Camilla' pink/white, semi-double [Newport Mills 2011]


'Candy' white/pink stripped [Newport Mills 2011]

'Candy Clove'

'Candy Classic' white/hot pink throat [Amazon 2011]

'Candy Dish' hot pink [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Candyfloss' pink,zones 6-10 [Cottage 2011]

'Cecil Wyatt' dark rose [Cottage 2011]

'Cherly' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Chetwyn Lad' dark red [Newport Mills 2011]

'Charles Musgrave' white, 16" h, zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011]


'Chomley Farran' purple/pink, perennial, zones 6-9 [Burpee 2011]

'Coconut Sundae' white/red throat [Cottage 2011]

'Constance Finnis'

'Coral Reef' coral/double-flowered [Cottage 2011]

'Coronation Ruby'

'Cranmere Pool' pink/fringed [Cottage 2011]

'Crimson Treasure' red/pink edge, 12" h, zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011]

'Crompton Princess'

'Dad's Favourite' pink/semi-double/white, 10", zones 4-9 [Joycreek 2011]

'Dainty Dame' white/red throat [Siskiyou 2011]

'Danielle Marie'

'David' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Dedham Beauty' pink/fringed [Cottage 2011]

'Denis' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Desmond' red, 6", zones 4-8 [Spring Hill Nursery 2011]

Dessert Series by Whetman

'Cranberry Ice' PP18342 pink/dark pink, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Nature Hills 2011] [Amazon 2011]
'Raspberry Swirl' PP14377 light pink/red, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]

Devon Cottage Series

'Amethyst' PP20628 [Plant Hven 2011]
'Valda Judith' PP13914 [Plant Haven 2011]
'Valda Isolde' PP13915 [Plant Haven 2011]
'Valda Kitty' PP13872 [Plant Haven 2011]
'Valda Louise' PP14045 [Plant Haven 2011]
'Waterloo Sunset' PP 21080 [Plant Haven 2011]

'Devon Siskin' white/dark pink [Nature Hills 2011]

'Devon Cream' yellow [Cottage 2011]

'Devon Magic' red [Cottage 2011]

'Devon Wizard' purple [Cottage 2011]

'Diana' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Diane' salmon [Cottage 2011]

'Diana Blueberry F1' lavender [Amazon 2011]

'Diamond Flash' PPAF white/pink throat, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]

'Dora Bryant' light pink [Newport Mills 2011]

Double Star Series

'Pop Star' PP18222
'Starlette' PP21438
'Starry Night' PP17731
'Twilight Star' PP20370

'Doris' light pink, 12-14" h, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011] [Newport Mills 2011] [Newport Mills 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011] [Spring Reach 2011] [Amazon 2011] [Cottage 2011]


'Duchess of Westminster'

'Dusky' pink/red throat [Newport Mills 2011]


mix F1 pink, white, red
'Red F1' red
'Rose Lace F1' pink/red throat

'Earl of Essex'

Early Bird Series by Whetman

'Chili' PPAF
'Fizzy' PP21394
'Frosty' PPAF
'Radiance' PPAF
'Sherbert' PP21418

'Editha' orange [Newport Mills 2011]

'Eleanors Old Irish' red [Cottage 2011]

'Emile Pare'

'Emily Elizabeth' pink/red flecks [Newport Mills 2011]

'Erin Mitchell' white [Newport Mills 2011]

'Essex Witch' pink/semi-double, 6 ", zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011]


'Eydangeri' pink 12" h [Joycreek 2011]

'Fair Folly'

'Faith' pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Fandango Crimson Picotee F1' white/red throat [Swllowtail 2011]

'Frances Clarke' pink/red edges [Newport Mills 2011]


'Fire and Ice' PPAF white/pink, zones 3-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]

'Firecracker' PPAF white/pink, zones 3-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011}

'Fire Witch' PPAF hot pink, perennial, zones 3-8 [Burpee 2011] [White Flower Farm 2011] [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Bluestone 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

Fruit Punch Series

'Black Cherry Wild' PPAF red, zones 4-9 [Bloomi Designs 2011]
'Coconut Punch' PPAF white/dark red, zones 4-9 [White Flower Farm 2011] [Bloomi Designs 2011] [Wayside Gardens] [Nature Hills 2011] [Amazon 2011]
'Dragon Fruit' PPAF dark red/pink, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]
'Pomegranate Kiss' PPAF pink/red, perennial zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]

Garden Spice Series

'Gina' soft yellow [Spring Hill 2011]

'Gold Dust'

'Gran's Favourite' white/red lace, zones 6-9 [Spring Reach 2011][Cottage 2011]

'Greystone' white, 8-2" h, 3-9 zones [Bluestone 2011]

'Gypsy' white/red [Newport Mills 2011]

'Hazel' pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Helen' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Her Majesty' peach [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Horatio' red/white splotces, 12" h, evergreen, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]



'Iced Gem' lavender/white [Cottage 2011]

Ideal Series (D barbartus x D. chinensis)

Mix F1 pink, white/pink throat, red, white
'Cherry Picotee'
'Red F1' red [Harris 2011]
'Violet F1' hot pink [Harris 2011] [Swallowtail 2011] [Park 2011]
'White F1' white [Harris 2011]
'White Fire F1' white/pink throat [Harris 2011]

'Inchmery' white/light pink, 12" h, zones 5-9 [Sunnyborder 2011] [Siskiyou 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Inshriach Dazzler' [Nature Hills 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Itsaul White' white, 12" h, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011]

'John Prichard' lavender [Newport Mills 2011]

'Jan Louise' light pink/pink, 10" h, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011]


'La Bourboule' pink/white throat [Sunnyborder 2011] [Siskiyou 2011]

'Laced Hero' white/dark red [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Laced Romeo' burgundy [Spring Hill 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Laced Monarch' pink/red edges [Newport Mills 2011]

'Laced Mrs. Sinkins' pink/dark pink edge [Newport Mills 2011]

'Lady Granville'

'Lady in Red' red [Cottage 2011]

'Little Bobby' white/dark pink [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Little Boy Blue' white [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Little Jock' white/pink throat [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Little Gem' pink, 5" h, zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011]

'London Delight'

'London Brocade' white/red edge [Newport Mills 2011]

'London Glow' dark pink/white [Newport Mills 2011]

'London Poppet' white/pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Loveliness' whites, pinks, annual, zones 4-8 [Burpee 2011]

'Maggie' [Spring Reach 2011]

'Margaret Curtis' pink, 8", zones 4-10 [Joycreek 2011]

'Margaret Taylor' red/double-flowered [Newport Mills 2011]

'Mendlesham Minx' dark red/white [Cottage 2011]

'Merry-Go-Round' white/pink throat [Amazon 2011]

'Mom's Cinnamon Pink' pink/double-flowered, 8", zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011]

'Moor Corbeth' pink/double-flowered [Newport Mills 2011]

'Monica Wyatt' red, zones 6-9 [Cottage 2011]

'Mrs. Holt' lavender [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Mrs. Gumbly' light pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Mrs. Sinkins' white [Newport Mills 2011] [Spring Reach 2011] [Beth Chatto 2011]

'Mrs. Riley' pink/red throat [Newport Mills 2011]

'Musgrave's Pink' white [Beth Chatto 2011]

'Neon Star' PP14549 pink, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Nature Hills 2011]

'Old Red Clove' red [Cottage 2011]

'Old Velvet' maroon [Newport Mills 2011]

'Oakington' pink, 10" h, zones 5-9 [Joycreek 2011]

'Olivia Newby' white [Newport Mills 2011]

'Paddington' pale pink/red throat [Newport Mills 2011]

'Pamela Flett' pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Passion' deep red [Cottage 2011]

'Patricia Griffiths' white/red throat [Newport Mills 2011]

'Peppermint Patty'

'Pike's Pink' light pink, 10" h, zones 5-9 [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Pink Feather' pink, 9", zones 4-9 [Joycreek 2011]

'Pink Margaret' pink/double-flowered [Newport Mills 2011]

'Pixie' pink/dark pink [Nature Hills 2011]

'Prairie Pink'

'Pretty Flamingo' bright pink [Cottage 2011]

'Pristine' white [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Queen of Sheba'

Rainbow Lovelines see 'Loveliness'

'Raspberry Sundae' pink [Cottage 2011]

'Raspberry Tart'

'Razzle Dazzle' PPAF pink, perennial zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]

'Red Rocket' red [Spring Hill 2011]

'Remember Me' dark pink/pink [Amazon 2011]


'Robin Ritchie' white/red [Newport Mills 2011]

'Romance' pink [Newport Mills 2011]

'Rosafeder' see 'Pink Feather'

'Rose de Mai' light pink [Newport Mills 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Rose Dawn' rose [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Rose Feather'

'Ruby Sparkles' PPAF pink, perennial zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Wayside Gardens 2011]

'Ruby Wedding' ruby [Newport Mills 2011]

'Salmon Unique'

'Sangria Splash' PPAF pink/dark pink, perennial zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Nature Hills 2011]

Scent First Series

'Candy Floss' PP15903'
'Passion' PP20440
'Tickled Pink' PP14919
'Eternity' PP21395

'Shooting Star' PP14895 pink, perennial zones 5-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Nature Hills 2011]

'Shrimp' pink, 6", zones 3-10 [Thompson & Morgan 2011]


'Slap 'n' Tickle' [Spring Reach 2011] [Cottage 2011]

'Sops-in-Wine' white/red edge [Beth Chatto 2011] [Cottage 2011]

'Snowbank' white [Sunnyborder 2011]



'Starlight' white [Spring Hill 2011]

Star Series by Whetman

'Brilliant Star' PP13025 white/red throat
'Eastern Star Red Dwarf' PP14437
'Fire Star Devon Xera' PP14895
'Neon Star' PP14549
'Shooting Star Devon Starling' PP16431
'Spangled Star' PP13029

'Strawberries and Cream' pink/double-flowered [Cottage 2011]

Supra Series

Surprise Series by Whetman

'Coconut Surprise' PP18828 double white/red throat, perennial to zone 5
'Raspberry Surprise' PP16029 pink/red throat, perennial, 6" h, zones 4-8 [Burpee 2011] [Park 2011] [Bluestone 2011]


Tatra Series

'Blush' white/pink stripes [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Fragrance' white/pink throat [Sunnyborder 2011]

Telstar Series [Amazon 2011]

Mix red, pink/white throat, white/red throat, pink [Harris 2011]

'Tickled Pink' lavender [Cottage 2011] [Spring Reach 2011]

'Tiny Rubies' pink/white, 2" h, zones 3-9 [Bluestone 2011] [Siskiyou 2011]

'Ursula Le Grove'

'Valda Wyatt' lavender [Cottage 2011]

'Very Cherry' PPAF red, perennials 3-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011]

'Waithman's Beauty'

'War Bonnet' red [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Whatfield Gem'

'White Hills' white [Sunnyborder 2011]

'Widecombe Fair' pink [Cottage 2011]

'William Brownhill' dark pink/white [Newport Mills 2011]

Dianthus x allwoodii

'Desmond' hot pink, 8-14" h, perennial, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011] [Spring Hill 2011]
'Frosty Fire' red, perennial, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Bluestone 2011]
'Helen' light pink, 6-8" h, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Old Spice' light pink, 12" h, perennial, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011]
'Raspberry Sherbert' pink, 8", zones 4-9 [Joycreek 2011]

Dianthus alpinus (Alpine Pink)

''Joan's Blood'' [Spring Reach 2011]

Dianthus amurensis (Amur Pink)

'Andrey' lavender [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Snow Flurries'
'Siberian Blue' purple, perennial, zones 3-8 [Park 2011][Thompson & Morgan 2011]

Dianthus anatolicus
Dianthus arenarius (Sand Pink)
[Amazon 2011]

D. a. nanus 'Little Maiden' white/spiked petal [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Snow Flurry' white/spiked petals [Sunnyborder 2011]

Dianthus armeria (Deptford Pink)

Dianthus x arvernensis [Beth Chatto 2011]
Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William)

Generic deep red [Swallowtail 2011]
Amazon Series
'Neon Cherry F1' red [Harris 2011] [Johnny's 2011]
'Neon Duo F1' red, purple [Harris 2011]
'Neon Purple F1' purple [Harris 2011] [Johnny's 2011]
'Neon Rose Magic F1' light pink [Harris 2011] [Park 2011]
Barbarini Series
Mix [Harris 2011]
'Purple' pink, perennial, zones 3-9 [Burpee 2011]
'Red' red/pink throat, perennial to zone 4 [Swallowtail 2011]
'Red Picotee' white/pink throat, perennial, zones 3-9 [Burpee 2011]
'Rose' pink, perennial, zones 3-9 [Burpee 2011] [Johnny's 2011]
Diabunda Mix light pink, red, hot pink, white/hot pink throat [Harris 2011] [Swallowtail 2011]
'Dunnet's Dark Crimson'
Electron Strain
'Heart Attack' deep red, perennial, zones 4-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [White Flower Farm] [Nature Hills 2011]
mix pink/white, annual/perennial zones 5-9 [Johnny's 2011]
'Indian Carpet' white/pink, 6" h, zones 3-9 [Bluestone 2011]
'Noverna' Mix F1 salmon, light pink, pink, pink/white throat, white [Harris 2011]
Roundabout Series
Sweet Mix dark red, pink, white [Harris 2011]
'Sooty' maroon, perennial [Swallowtail 2011]
'Wee Willie'

Dianthus bicolor

Dianthus biflorus
Dianthus brevicaulis
Dianthus burgasensis

Dianthus caesius
Dianthus callizonus
Dianthus campestris
Dianthus capitatus
Dianthus carthusianorum (Carthusian Pink)
Dianthus caryophyllus (Carnation or Clove Pink)

'Admiral Crompton' lavender/purple [Newport Mills 2011]
'Admiral Holder' (Brian Yates 2011) white [Newport Mills 2011]
'Aicardi' scarlet [Newport Mills 2011]
'Apricot Sue' peach [Newport Mills 2011]
'Angela Carol' (John Barrington 2009) pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Ann Franklin' yellow/purple edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Annie Claybourne' bright pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Annies Fancy' pink/white stripes [Newport Mills 2011]
'Audrey Robinson' purple/white throat [Newport Mills 2011]
'Betty's Delight' white/pink edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Bill Smith' (R Snowall 1988) pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Bob's Highlight' pink/dark pink stripes [Newport Mills 2011]
'Can Can Scarlet' [Amazon 2011]
'Cariba' yellow [Newport Mills 2011]
Chabaud Series [Amazon 2011]
'Avranchin' dark pink [Amazon 2011]
'La France' pink [Amazon 2011]
'Magenta' purple [Amazon 2011]
'Orange' red-pink [Amazon 2011]
'Clara' yellow/pink edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Clara's Lass' white/pink edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Cloud Pink' pink [Amazon 2011]
'Clove Drops' red, bright pink, burgundy, salmon, yellow, white [Park 2011]
'Creme Princess' white [Newport Mills 2011]
'Cream Sue' cream [Newport Mills 2011]
'Crompton Bride' (C Short 1992) peach [Newport Mills 2011]
'Crompton Classic' white/purple edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Crompton Princess' white
'Doris Allwood' pink/purple striped [Newport Mills 2011]
'Dunkirk Spirit' peach/red flecked [Newport Mills 2011]
'Dusky Janelle' pink/red edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Dwarf Fragrance'
'Edge of Reason' purple/white edge [Amazon 2011]
'Elsie Ketchen' yellow-green [Newport Mills 2011]
'Emma West' (M Woodfield 1999) red [Newport Mills 2011]
'Eve's Holly' white [Newport Mills 2011]
'Fenbow Nutmeg' red, 18", zones 7-10 [Thompson & Morgan 2011]
'First Love' white/pink/rose, 15" h, zones 3-8 [Bluestone 2011]
'Florence May Classic' pink/purple flecked [Newport Mills 2011]
'Fragrant Ann' white [Newport Mills 2011]
'Fragrant Phyllis' pink/white edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Frank Bruno' puprle/pink stripes [Newport Mills 2011]
'Freckled Favorite' white/light pink throat [Amazon 2011]
'Giant Marie Chabaud' yellow, perennial to zone 6, annual to zone 4 [Swallowtail 2011]
Giant Chabaud
mix red, rose, violet, white, yellow, salmon, orange, bicolors [Swallowtail 2011] [Thompson & Morgan 2011]
'Orange Sherbert' orange, perennial to zone 6, annual to zone 4 [Swallowtail 2011]
Grenadin Series
mix dark red, scarlet, golden-yellow, white, rose
yellow [Amazon 2011]
'Black King' deep red, perennial to zone 3 [Swallowtail 2011]
'Snow White' white, perennial to zone 3 [Swallowtail 2011]
'Gift Pleasure' white/pink edge [Amazone 2011]
'Hercules' yellow [Newport Mills 2011]
'Highlights Choice' pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Irene Ann' pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Jack's Lass' (C Short & J Wood 1985) white/purple flecks [Newport Mills 2011]
'Jacqueline Ann' pink/dark pink flecks [Newport Mills 2011]
'Janell Welch' white/purple flecks [Newport Mills 2011]
'Jess Hewins' red [Newport Mills 2011]
'Joanne' (T E. Bradshaw 1974) pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Joannes Highlight' pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Joe Vernon' purple [Newport Mills 2011]
'Julie Martin' white-green/red flecked [Newport Mills 2011]
'Kath Phillips' yellow/purple flecks [Newport Mills 2011]
'King of Black' dark purple [Amazon 2011]
Knight Series
'Lavender Lady' light purple [Newport Mills 2011]
'Leatham Pastel' pink/light pink stripes [Newport Mills 2011]
'Lemon Fiz' pale yellow, perennials, zones 8-10 [Park 2011]
'Lilac Lace' white/pink edge [Amazon 2011]
'Pierrot' pink/purple edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Pink Doris' pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Plum Time' purple [Amazon 2011]
'Max Hellewell' white [Newport Mills 2011]
Monarch Series
'Manon de Sources' (C Short 2008) pink/dark pink stripe [Newport Mills 2011]
'Night Out' red/pink fringe [Amazon 2011]
'Northland' white [Newport Mills 2011]
'Orange Sherbert' red-orange [Amazon 2011]
'Raggio di Sole' (G Nobbio 1975) pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Rendezvous' white/hot pink [Amazon 2011]
'Rosey Cream' pink/white edge [Amazon 2011]
'Royal Purple' pink [Newport Mills 2011]
'Ruth Gillies' white/pink edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Scalet' [Amazon 2011]
'Scarlet Joanne' red [Newport Mills 2011]
'Simpleton' white/dark pink throat [Amazon 2011]
'Storm' purple [Newport Mills 2011]
'Sundance' yellow [Newport Mills 2011]
'Sweet Sophie' white [Newport Mills 2011]
'Terranova' peach [Newport Mills 2011]
'Tony's Choice' red [Newport Mills 2011]
'Tracy Jardine' red [Newport Mills 2011]
'Viana' (R. P. Kooij & Zonen 2004) yellow/red edge [Newport Mills 2011]
'Violet Yates' (Yates 2010) white/purple stripes [Newport Mills 2011]
'Watermelon Frost' [Amazon 2011]
'Wishful Thinking' white/purple edge [Amazon 2011]

Dianthus chinensis (China Pink)

Baby Doll Series
'mix' red, white/pink throat, hot pink, white
Carpet Series
'Fire Carpet'
mix F1 white/red throat, red, pink/red throat, white, pink/white [Harris 2011] [Spring Hill 2011]
Select Mix F1 white, pink, dark red, red [Harris 2011]
'Blueberry F1' purple, annual [Harris 2011] [Burpee] [Park 2011]
'Crimson F1' red, annual [Harris 2011]
'Crimson Flame F1' white/red, annual [Harris 2011]
'White F1' white, annual [Harris 2011]
'Dulce White to Pink' white/pink/white throat [Swallowtail 2011] [Park 2011]
Grace Series
'Crimson F1' red [Harris 2011]
'Purple F1' pink [Harris 2011]
'White F1' white [Harris 2011]
Heddewiggi Group 'Color Magician'
Super Parfait Series
'Raspberry F1' pink/red throat [Harris 2011] [Amazon 2011]
'Peppermint F1' white/pink throat [Harris 2011]
'Strawberry F1' light pink/pink throat [Harris 2011]
'Venti Parfait Crimson Eye F1' pink/red throat [Harris 2011]
'Valentine' white/red throat, annual [Burpee] [Amazon 2011]

Dianthus cruentus
Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pink)
[Joycreek 2011]

'Arctic Fire' white/pink throat, perennial to zone 3 [Swallowtail 2011] [Bluestone 2011][Thompson & Morgan 2011] [Amazon 2011]
'Chonfetti Cherry Red' red, perennial to zone 3 [Swallowtail 2011]
'Flashing Light' groundcover, 8 x 12", zones 3-10 [Joycreek 2011]
'Microchips' white/dark pink/pink, 6", zones 5-8 [Thompson & Morgan 2011]
'Zing Rose' pink, perennial to zone 3 [Swallowtail 2011] [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Bluestone 2011] [Nature Hills 2011]

Dianthus dunetti [Amazon 2011]

Dianthus erinaceus
Dianthus freynii
pink [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]
Dianthus fruticosus
Dianthus furcatus
Dianthus gallicus (Gallic Pink or French Pink)
Dianthus giganteus
Dianthus glacialis
groundcover, 2 x 6", zones 4-7 [Joycreek 2011]
Dianthus gracilis
Dianthus graniticus
Dianthus gratianopolitanus (Cheddar Pink)
[White Flower Farm 2011] [Nature Hills 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

'Bath's Pink' pale purple, perennial zones 3-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Bluestone 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011] [Siskiyou 2011]
'Bewitched' PP13159 white/pink [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Fire Star' PP14895 pink, perennial zones 5-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Nature Hills 2011]
'Mountain Mist' pale pink, zones 4-8 [Nature Hills 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Petite' pink [Sunnyborder 2011]
'Grandiflorus' pink/red throat, perennial to zone 3 [Swallowtail 2011]
'Tiny Rubies' pale purple, perennial zones 3-9 [Bloomin Designs 2011] [Sunnyborder 2011]

Dianthus haematocalyx

Dianthus hispanicus [Joycreek 2011]

Dianthus inodorus
Dianthus japonicus

Ginza Series

Dianthus kladovanus
Dianthus knappii
[Sunnyborder 2011]

'Yellow Harmony'

Dianthus leucophaeus [Sunnyborder 2011]

Dianthus lusitanus [Sunnyborder 2011]
Dianthus microlepsis
Dianthus moesiacus
Dianthus monspessulanus (Fringed pink) pink, 20 x 8", zones 4-8 [Joycreek 2011]
Dianthus myrtinervius (Albanian Pink)
Dianthus nardiformis
Dianthus nitidus
Dianthus pavonius
pink [Sunnyborder 2011]
Dianthus petraeus [Siskiyou 2011]
Dianthus pinifolius
Dianthus plumarius (Garden Pinks, Wild pink)
[Joycreek 2011]

Ballade Strain
'Ipswich' pink/light pink/dark pink, 10" h, zones 4-8 [Thompson & Morgan 2011]
Spring Beauty Strain
'Sweetness' pink/white, perennial, zones 4-8 [Park 2011] [Amazon 2011]
'Velvet 'n Lace' white/red, perennial, zones 6-8 [Park 2011] [Spring Hill 2011] [Amazon 2011]

Dianthus pungens
Dianthus repens (Boreal Carnation)
Dianthus scardicus
Dianthus seguieri (Sequier's Pink)
Dianthus simulans
groundcover, 3 x 6", zones 4-8 [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]
Dianthus spiculifolius
Dianthus squarrosus
Dianthus subacaulis

'Gary Eichhorn' light pink [Sunnyborder 2011] [Joycreek 2011]

Dianthus superbus (Large Pink) [Amazon 2011]

'Crimsonia' red/fringed petals, 20" h, zones 3-8 [Thompson & Morgan 2011]

Dianthus sylvestris

Dianthus turkestanicus [Sunnyborder 2011]

Dianthus urumoffii
Dianthus zonatus

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