General InformationEdit

around 40 species

Family: Asteraceae

Origin: North and South America

Cultivated VarietiesEdit

A. houstonianum cultivars

'Adriatic' blue [Florveneto]
'Aloha Blue F1' purple [Harris]
'Atlantic Plus' light blue [Florveneto]
'Bavaria' blue/white [Florveneto]
'Blue Balls' light blue [Borghese]
'Blue Danube' lavender [Thompson&Morgan] [Stokes] [Florveneto]
'Blue Danube F1' blue [Thompson&Morgan] [Stokes] [Harris]
'Blue Diamond' purple [Swallowtail]
'Blue Diamond F1' purple [Harris]
'Blue Horizon' blue [Swallowtail] [Florveneto]
'Blue Horizon F1' pale purple [Johnny's] [Harris]
'Blue Mink' blue [Thompson&Morgan] [Stokes] [Florveneto]
'Blue Planet' pale blue [Swallowtail] [Harris]
'Dwarf Blue Bedder' blue [Stokes]
'Fields Blue' blue [Harris]
'Florit's Blue' bright blue [John Scheepers]
'Golden Ageratum' pale yellow [Stokes]
Hawaii Series mix white, blue, pink [Stokes]
'White Hawaii' white [Swallowtail] [Florveneto]
'Blue Hawaii' blue [Swallowtail] [Stokes] [Dominion]
'Royal Hawaii' purple [Stokes]
'Leilani Blue' bright blue [Park] [Stokes] [Dominion] [Swallowtail]
'Leilani Blue F1' [Harris]
'Pacific' purple [Florveneto]
'Pearl Blue' blue [Stokes]
'Swing Pink' light pink [Florveneto]
'Red Sea' pink [Harris]
'Red Top' pink/purple [Johnny's]
'Tall Blue Planet' blue [Johnny's]
'Timeless Rose' purple [John Scheepers]
'Tycoon Purple' bright purple [Stokes]
'White Bouquet' white [John Scheepers] [Johnny's]
Generic [Heirloom]
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