Garden Seeds and Plants Wiki

Find those seeds![]

Welcome! This wiki is all about creating one site to find new types and sources of seeds. If all goes well, we should be able to make one massive catalog for all types of garden variety flowers, vegetables, and plants. Jump right in with any information you may have!

To begin, either enter a search term in the upper-right search bar, start with Browse, or try:

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How it works []

Throughout the development of this wiki, a concise and effective seed-searching tool will hopefully appear. This will require the effort of a large number of people to devote time to searching out sources of common and uncommon seeds and plants.

Goals of this wiki:

  • display all varieties of all flowering, edible, and ornamental garden plants
  • include photographs of all varieties
  • direct users to sources
  • become a helpful tool for all gardeners looking for specific varieties or hoping to find new exciting plants!

Every page should have a short introduction (family, origin, uses) and then list all known cultivated varieties of the plant. A list of seed or plant sources should also be included after each variety. Include a list of websites or cataloges used at the bottom of every article. See this page for an example.