Cultviated VarietiesEdit

'Alabama Blackeyed Butter Bean'

'Allgreen' see 'Thorogreen'

'Big Mama' pole, 80 days

'Broad Improved Long Pod' white seeds, 55-60 days

'Burpee Bush Lima' 70-75 days

'Burpee's Best Pole Lima' 92 days

'Burpee's Improved'

'Carolina Red' red seeds, 80 days

'Christmas' 80 days

'Dixie Speckled' 76 days

'Dixie White Butter' 70 days

'Eastland' DM 70 days

'Florida Speckled' see 'Christmas'

'Fordhook 242' 65-85 days

'Frosty' brown/pink seeds, 88 days

'Giant Butter' see 'Christmas'

'Gian Calico' see 'Christmas'

'Golden Lima' yellow seeds, 85-90 days

'Henderson's' 65-68 days

'Illinois Giant' red seeds, 90 days

'Jackson Wonder' 103 days

'Large Speckled' see 'Christmas'

'King of the Garden' 85-88 days

'Persian Lima' bright red/black seeds

'Speckled Calico' see 'Charistmas'

'Willow Leaf' heirloom, 90 days

'Worchester Indian Red'

'Sieva' dark green, 60-75 days

'Thorogreen' 66 days

'Dr. Martins' heirloom, 90-100 days

'Baby Fordhook' 70 days

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