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General Information[]

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Origin: Europe, US, north Africa

Cultivated Varieties[]

Antirrhinum asarina red, violet [Shumway 2012]

Antirrhinum braun-blanquettii 30" yellow [T&M 2012] [White Flower 2012]

Antirrhinum hispanicum (Spanish Snapdragon) [Arrowhead 2012]

'Gummy' [White Flower 2012]
'Roseum' [Mary's 2012]

Antirrhinum majus

Animation F1 mix dark red, orange, red, pink, white, yellow [Johnny 2012]
Armoas Series F1 30"H x 12"W
'Peach Breeze Aromas Hybrid' pink/orange/yellow [Swallowtail 2012]
'French Vanilla Aromas Hybrid' white [Swallowtail 2012]
'Fresh Lemon Aromas Hybrid' yellow [Swallowtail 2012]
'Magenta Mist Aromas Hybrid' magenta [Swallowtail 2012]
'Orchid Bliss Aromas Hybrid' dark pink [Swallowtail 2012]
'Red Spice Aromas Hybrid' dark red [Swallowtail 2012]
'Sweet Pink Aromas Hybrid' light pink/yellow/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
Axiom Series F1 mix yellow, orange/yellow, red, white, pink [T&M 2012]
Bells Series 10-12"H
'Bells Yellow' light yellow/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
mix red/white throat, hot pink/white throat, white, yellow/white throat, light pink/dark pink [Swallowtail 2012]
'Bells Purple and White' dark red/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'Bells White' white [Swallowtail 2012]
'Black Prince' dark red [T&M 2012]
'Bronze Dragon' 12"H pink/light pink/white throat [Swallowtail 2012] [Park 2012]
'Cascadia Hybrid Mix' 8"H x 15"H hot pink, white, pink/orange, white [Swallowtail 2012] [Park 2012]
Chantilly Series 4'H
mix orange, yellow, white, red [Park 2012]
'Chantilly Bronze' orange/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'Chantilly Cream Yellow' yellow [Swallowtail 2012]
'Chantilly Deep Orange' red [Swallowtail 2012] [Park 2012]
'Chantilly Light Salmon' peach/pink/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'Chantilly Yellow' light yellow [Park 2012]
Chimes Series 6-8"H
mix yellow, dark red, light red/yellow, white, pink, magenta [Swallowtail 2012]
'Chimes Pink' light pink/yellow/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'Chimes Red' dark red/yellow [Swallowtail 2012]
Cinderella mix 20"H yellow, oralne, pink, red [Burpee 2012]
'Costa' F1 mix 28-36"H white, light pink, dark red, pink [Johnny 2012]
'Double Madame Butterfly' mix yellow,pink, red, double-flowered [T&M 2012]
'Double Supreme' mix 30"H yellow, red, pink, white [Burpee 2012]
'Double Sweetheart' F1 mix orange, red, yellow, pink, double-flowered [T&M 2012]
'Floral Carpet' F1 mix light pink, dark pink, red, yellow, white [Harris 2012]
'Floral Showers' 6-8"H red/yellow/white throat [Swallowtail 2012] [Harris 2012]
'Frosted Flames' mix 12"H x 12"W red/yellow, red/pink, red/light pink, dark red [Harris 2012]
'Jamaican Mist' mix yellow, orange, light pink [T&M 2012]
'Kim Bicolor' mix pink/white, orange/yellow, red/white [T&M 2012]
La Bella Series
mix yellow, orange/red, deep red/yellow/white throat/pink [Swallowtail 2012] [Park 2012]
'La Bella Red and White' deep red/yellow/white throat, open-throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'La Bella White' white, open-throat [Swallowtail 2012]
Lampion F1 mix 24-60"W light pink, magenta, red, white [Johnny 2012]
Liberty Series
classic mix yellow, orange, dark red, red, pink, white [Swallowtail 2012] [Harris 2012]
Ribbon Hybrid mix light pink, dark red, red, yellow, white [Swallowtail 2012]
'Lipstick Silver' 18"H red/white/yellow [Park 2012]
Longshot Series
'Madame Butterfly' mix 24"H dark red, orange, pink, yellow [Swallowtail 2012]
Montego Series 10-12"H
mix yellow, white, rose/white throat, light purple/white throat, red [Harris 2012]
'Montego Blush' light purple/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'Montego Purple' magenta [Harris 2012]
'Montego Red' red [Harris 2012]
'Montego Rose' deep pink [Harris 2012'
'Montego Rose Bicolor' rose/white throat [Swallowtail 2012]
'Montego White' white [Swallowtail 2012]
'Montego Yellow' yellow [Swallowtail 2012] [Harris 2012]
'Night and Day' 18"H red/white throat [Park 2012]
'Oriental Lanterns' (by Park Seed) 8"H red/orange [Park 2012]
'Palette Lavender Eye' F1 bright purple/white [Park 2012]
'Rembrandt' orange [T&M 2012]
Rocket F1 Series 30-36"H
mix yellow, white, dark red, red, pink [Swallowtail 2012] [Johnny 2012] [Harris 2012] [Park 2012]
'Rocket Bronze' orange [Park 2012]
'Rocket Pink' pink [Harris 2012] [Park 2012]
'Rocket Red' bright red [Harris 2012] [Park 2012]
'Rocket Rose Shades' light pink/red [Swallowtail 2012]
'Rocket White' white [Harris 2012] [Park 2012]
'Rocket Yellow' yellow [Harris 2012] [Park 2012]
'Royal Bride' white [T&M 2012]
Snapshot mix 10-12"H white, pale green, red, purple/white, pink [Burpee 2012]
'Snapshot Pink' 10-12"H pink/yellow throat [Burpee 2012]
'Snapshot Bicolor Red' hot pink/yellow/white throat [Burpee 2012]
'Snapshot Snappy Bicolor' [Burpee 2012]
'Snapshot Lemon Lollipops' yellow/orange throat [Burpee 2012]
Sonnet Series 18-20"H x 10-12"W
mix yellow, white, light pink, rose, red, deep red [Harris 2012]
'Sonnet Pink' light pink [Swallowtail 2012]
Tahiti Series
Topper mix yellow, pink, white, red [Burpee 2012]
Tutti Frutti mix 12-16"H red/white, red/yellow, pink/white, red/orange [Burpee 2012]
Twinny Series 12"H
mix orange, yellow, white, red, open-throat [Harris 2012] [Park 2012] [Shumway 2012]
'Twinny Bronze Shades'red/orang/pink, open throat [Swallowtail 2012] [Park 2012]
'Twinny Peach' pink/white throats, open throat [Swallowtail 2012] [Harris 2012] [Park 2012] [T&M 2012] [White Flower 2012]
'Twinny Violet' magenta, open throat [Park 2012]
'Twinny Yellow' yellow, open throat [Park 2012]
'Twinny White' white, open throat [Park 2012]

Antirrhinum molle yellow/white [Arrowhead 2012]

Antirrhinum nanum

'Black Prince' 18"H dark red [T&M 2012]\
'Dwarf Bedding' mix 10-12"H gold, red/yellow, white, pink [T&M 2012]
'Frosty Lavender Bells' F1 deep rose, pink
A. n. variegatum
'Frosted Flames' mix red/light pink/ pink/yellow, orange/pink [T&M 2012]
'Frosted Sunset' orange/yellow [T&M 2012]

Antirrhinum endula multiflora

'Chinese Lanterns' F1 pink, white, dark pink, orange/yellow [T&M 2012]

Antirrhinum molle

Antirrhinum pulverulentum light yellow [Arrowhead 2012]

Antirrhinum sempervirens white/violet [Arrowhead 2012]

'Tequila Sunrise' yellow/red, light pink/red, orange/red [T&M 2012]


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