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A. ageratifolia

A. ageratum [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. 'Moonwalker' yellow, 24-30", Z6-10 [Seedman 2011] [Pase 2011]

A. argentea

A. aurea

'Ferney' yellow, 8", Z4-9 [Seedman 2011]

A. 'Cherries Jubilee' pink, H24" Z5-8 [Burpee 2011]

A. coarctaca

'Gold Coin' yellow, H15", Z3-9 [Seedman 2011]

A. 'Coronation Gold' yellow, H36", Z2-9 [Monrovia 2011]

A. Debutante

A. decolorans pale yellow, H16", Z5-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. eupatorium

A. 'Fanal' red, H24", Z3-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. 'Feuerland' red, H24", Z3-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. filipendulina [Goodwin Creek 2011]

'Cloth of Gold' yellow, Z3-9 [Thompson&Morgan 2011] [Swallowtail 2011] [Pase 2011]
'Gold Plate'

A. Flowerbust mix red/pink/peach/purple, 30" [Swallowtail 2011]

A. 'Flowers of Sulphur'

A. Fordhook Mix yellow/red/purple, H18-24" W10-14" [Burpee 2011]

A. 'Fornecett Candy'

A. grandifolia

A. 'Great Expectations'

A. "Hoffnung'

A. x kellereri white [High Country 2011]

A. x kolbiana 'Weston'

A. 'Lachsschonheit' pale pink, H35", Z3-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. x lewisii 'King Edward'

A. 'Lilac Beauty' pale purple, H24", Z3-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. 'Peggy Sue' orange, H16", W24-30", Z4-8 [Burpee 2011]

A. 'Proa' white, H24", Z3-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. millefolium

'Appleblossom' pale pink, H26", Z3-9 [Monrovia 2011]
'Colorado' pink/white/dark pink, H24", Z3-9 [Seedmand 2011] [Pase 2011]
'Fire King'
'Lavender Beauty'
'Lilac Beauty'
'Oertel's Rose' pink, H20", Z3-9 [Monrovia 2011]
'Paprika' red/yellow, H24", Z3-9 [American Meadows 2011] [Monrovia 2011]
'Red Beauty'
'Red Velvet' red/white, H24-30", Z3-8 [Jung 2011] [Monrovia 2011]
'Saucy Seduction' pink, H24", Z3-8 [Jung 2011]
'Summer Berries' F2 red/yellow/pink/white, H 24-28", Z3-9 [Thompson&Morgan 2011] [Swallowtail 2011] [American Meadows 2011]
'Summer Pastels' F2 yellow/pink/peach, H24", Z3-9 [Thompson&Morgan 2011] [Swallowtail 2011] [Pase 2011]
'Sunny Seduction' pale yellow, 24", Z3-8 [Jung 2011]
'Terra Cotta' yellow, H12", Z3-9 [Monrovia 2011] [Goodwin Creek 2011]
'White' white, H12-36", Z3-8 [American Meadows 2011] [Pase 2011]

A. 'Moonshine' yellow, H24" W16", Z3-9 [American Meadows 2011] [Monrovia 2011] [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. 'Noblessa' white, 12", Z3-9 [Swallowtail 2011]

A. ptarmica [Goodwin Creek 2011]

'Angel's Breath'
'Boule de Neige'
'Gypsy White' white, H14", Z5-9 [Monrovia 2011]
'Perry's White'
'The Pearl'
'The Pearl Superior' white, H30", Z3-9 [Seedman 2011]

A. 'Rodneys Choice' yellow/magenta, H24", Z3-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011] A. 'Salmon Beauty'

A. 'Schwefelblute'

A. 'Schwellenburg'

A. 'Strawberry Seduction' red/yellow, H20", Z3-9 [American Meadows 2011]

A. 'Summer Pastels'

A. 'Summerwine' red/white H24" W18-24", Z3-8 [Burpee 2011] [Monrovia 2011]

A. 'Taygetea'

A. 'The Beacon'

A. tomentosa [Goodwin Creek 2011]

'Goldie' yellow, 8", Z3-9 [Swallowtail 2011]
'Maynard's Gold'

A. umbellata white, H4", Z5-9 [Goodwin Creek 2011]

A. 'Wesersandstein'

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